How to Purchase and Install the Tesla Solar Roof

The Tesla solar roof is just like any other solar panel, but in this case, it is embedded in the Tesla roof tiles. However, you must replace your old roof to get the new Tesla roof. It is one of the best technologies in the solar power market now. Although, the cost of buying and installing this in your house is quite expensive believe me it is worth it. Allow us to give you a review of this amazing product in the article below.

Tesla Solar Roof Review: Don't wait to Get Yours Now

The release of the Tesla solar roof was in 2016 but later started huge production around 2019. Now, what is the Tesla solar roof all about? It consists of photovoltaic roof tiles that can generate efficient energy for your houses better than traditional panels.

After finishing your installation, you do not need to install any solar panel on top of your roof again because the Tesla roof is already doing the job of a solar panel. Their solar panel here is tempered glass, unlike other solar panels that are metallic.

Tesla Roof & Solar Shingle Installation

The Tesla roof is what is going to replace the normal roof in your house. Not to worry, the Tesla roof consists of shiny solar tiles which will not still mess up the aesthetics of your home. Another vital piece of information is that the size of your roof will determine how much you will pay for the replacement. So if you have a small roof, then you will be paying less.

The Tesla solar shingles are roof tiles that contain solar cells that will be put on your roof. They are made up of tempered glass so that they can be able to withstand extreme weather conditions. This makes it possible to have your top roof and solar panels in one place. This new method by Tesla is what makes their solar panel model unique. The solar tiles also look beautiful on the roof, so why don’t you get one today?

How to Know the Cost of the Installation

The installation is indeed more costly than the traditional solar panels, but is it worth it? Apart from installing the Solar shingles, there will also be a charge for removing your existing roof. The estimate of the whole process including the fixing and installation will depend on the size of your house.

However, the cost of adding this kind of panel to your home is basically based on 3 things, which are as follows;

  • Size of your existing roof
  • Number of Powerwalls you want
  • Then, the size of the photovoltaic tiles

In addition, even at such a high price, I can confidently say that this product by Tesla is still worth it because it is more effective than the traditional solar panel. Another major reason to add is that they offer a 25-year warranty for their product. Thereby, enjoying your product for a long period.

How to Purchase the Tesla Solar Roof in Your Home

Now, for those who intend to install a Tesla solar roof in their home, we are going to provide a guide on how to purchase their product. To make a purchase, you must visit the Tesla website to apply for an installation. However, the process is simple. So, to be able to purchase it on the website, follow the steps below;

  • Visit the official website at
  • Enter your “home address” at the right corner of the website
  • You will need to provide at least one “electricity bill” for your home
  • Next, select whether you want a solar panel, solar roof, or a Powerwall only.
  • Follow the prompts to finish your application

During your application process, they will need you to take a clear picture of your roof. It is fine, you should comply and take a shot of your roof clearly showing all four corners. After, filling in all the necessary information regarding the Tesla solar application, the next thing is for Tesla Solar to send a team of workers that will come and fix and install your Tesla solar roof.

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