How to Force Restart & Soft Restart an iPhone

Many iPhone users may not be aware of how to restart their devices. Just like Android phones can restart, the same goes for an iPhone. Therefore, in this article, we will teach you the steps on how you can start restarting your iPhone.

How to Restart your iPhone - Another Hidden Feature!

Is Force Restarting Your iPhone a Good or Bad Thing?

Force restarting your iPhone can be a useful troubleshooting step if your device is freezing or unresponsive. However, it should generally not be done as a regular practice unless there is a specific issue that requires it.

However, force restarting your iPhone too frequently can potentially cause problems with the device’s software or hardware. It is also important to note that force restarting your iPhone will not solve all issues, and in some cases, a more extensive troubleshooting process may be necessary. In short, you should not do a force restart if it is functioning normally. But if it malfunctions then you can proceed to restart.

How to Restart Your iPhone When it is Frozen

If you have a lot of heavy applications like games running on your device, it is likely to get frozen. During this time, you may not have the opportunity to turn on your assistive touch just like the previous method.

In this case, what you will need now is to force restart your iPhone, which you can do using a different method. Therefore, follow the steps below on how to force restart when it gets frozen;

  • Press & release the Up Volume button 
  • Press & release the Down Volume button 
  • Then, press and hold the Side button
  • Lastly, release the side button when the Apple logo appears on your screen

Once you can follow these steps carefully, your iPhone will now restart and everything will now be back to normal. To restart your device in another way, check the write-up below to do that. 

How to Restart Your iPhone – A Hidden Way (From the iPhone 6-14)

Restarting an iPhone isn’t just like the Android phones where you just hold the power button and have the option to “restart” or “shut down”. However, this article is here to show you the methods of how you can restart your iPhone in under 1 minute.

As mentioned earlier, many iPhone users may not know how to restart their devices. Therefore, today you will be able to learn how to restart your iPhone using this hidden feature through the following steps below;

  • Open your Settings on your iPhone
  • Next, enter Accessibility
  • Enter Touch
  • Then, enter AssistiveTouch 
  • Now, toggle ON the AssistiveTouch
  • Tap on the assistive touch button on your screen
  • Then, tap on “Device”
  • Enter More
  • Tap on Restart
  • Lastly, tap on the Restart button and allow your phone to restart by itself

By following the steps outlined in this write-up you can successfully restart your iPhone and resolve any issues you may be facing. Whether you’re experiencing problems with your device’s performance, connectivity, or apps, a quick restart can often provide a much-needed boost to your iPhone’s functionality. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to keep this basic troubleshooting step in mind whenever you encounter any issues with your iPhone. Moreso, you can try to restart your phone at least twice a week.

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