How to Setup the HAPPRUN Projector

The HAPPRUN projector is one of the best affordable projectors in the market. Its screen can go up (zoom) to 200 inches, which is amazing. This projector unlike the others offers a genuine 1080p display. However, if you want to know more about the HPPRUB projector, you should check out the following write-up below. We shall also be discussing.

How to Setup the HAPPRUN Projector

Does the Happrun Projector Have Bluetooth?

Yes, the HAPPRUN projector comes with Bluetooth connectivity. However, the Bluetooth connectivity on the projector is primarily designed for audio use only. That is, in a situation where you want to get a better sound quality while watching on the HAPPRUN printer, you can simply pair the device Bluetooth to any of your audio devices.

Is the HAPPRUN Projector Worth Buying?

Unlike other projectors that cost over a thousand dollars, the HAPPRUN projector is cheap. Regardless of how affordable the projector is, you are still getting a quality projector with a 1080p video quality. Another factor that makes this projector worth buying is that, it is portable to move around unlike other heavy projectors. As a result, you can say that the HAPPRUN projector is one of the best projectors at an affordable price.

Exciting Features of the HAPPRUN Projector

To know more about this HAPPRUN projector, you must get to learn about its main features. If you are looking for an affordable projector to buy, then I suggest you take a look at the features of the projector. Thus, the below contains some of the main and exciting features of the HAPPRUN projector.

1. In-built Speaker

Not just any projector offers its users an in-built speaker. Well, luckily, the HAPPRUN projector also has an in-built speaker which which quite moderate. The speaker is located at the back of the projector which makes it easier for us to hear because it faces towards the direction of a person who is making use of the projector.

2. Bluetooth Connection

This projector also comes with Bluetooth connectivity. However, the Bluetooth on the projector is limited to pair with Bluetooth speakers or audio. Nevertheless, you still get the opportunity to connect to a better quality speaker, if you are not satisfied with the in-built speaker.

3. It Comes with a “Simple Projection Screen

Unlike no other projectors, the HPPRUN projector provides its users with a 100-inch white projection screen. If you don’t know the use of the projection screen, well, it is a white material that you can be able to hang or place on a wall which makes the projection clearer.

4. A Native 1080p

For a cheap projector like the HAPPRUN projector, it is quite surprising how they are still able to offer native 1080p video quality. Well, they do, so you should expect a good-quality video of a native 1080p.

5. Portable

The HAPPRUN projector is indeed a portable device. However, another feature that makes it even more unique is that it is very light. Thus, this makes it easy for individuals to carry around. Perhaps you want to go on a road trip or to a friend’s house, You can carry the projector along with you in case you get some free time to watch movies or make use of it when in need.

These are so far, the most important features of the projector. So if you feel like this model of the projector has reached your satisfaction, then you can go ahead and get one for yourself. Also, check out the following write-up below on how to set up the HAPPRUN projector.

How to Setup the HAPPRUN Projector

If you just got the projector or you don’t know how to set it up yet, then this part of the article is for you. Through the following write-up below, we shall provide a step-by-step guide on how to set up your HAPPRUN projector.

  • Hang the white “Simple Projection Screen” on a flat wall (you will find this inside the HAPPRUN printer box)
  • Find the perfect position to place the projector, using the screw underneath
  • Plug in the project to a power source
  • Then, turn ON your projector using the remote control
  • Remove the “lens cap”
  • Depending on what you want to connect to, you can find the “ports” at the back
  • Use the keystone on the HAPPRUN projector to set your “Focus” and “Zoom”

After following all of the steps above up till the last, you will be able to view or watch directly from the screen of your projector. However, after following the steps above, you can also go ahead and re-adjust the projector to your best fit, so that you can get the best experience.

How to Setup the HAPPRUN Projector Bluetooth Connection

As mentioned earlier, the Bluetooth connection on the HAPPRUN projector is only designed for audio purposes. So if you would like to connect your Bluetooth speakers to the projector to get a better sound quality, then this is for you. To set up the Bluetooth connection to a Bluetooth speaker, you should follow the steps below:

  • Turn ON the Projector
  • Press the “home button” on the HAPPRUN projector’s remote
  • Go to the “settings” on the projector screen
  • Turn ON the “Bluetooth”
  • Then, click on “Search Bluetooth”
  • Wait for it to detect your Bluetooth audio, then click on the device name

By following the steps above, you should now be able to successfully pair your HAPPRUN projector to your Bluetooth speaker or audio device.

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