How to Set Up the Wyze Battery Cam Pro

The Wyze battery cam pro is the new and improved security camera from Wyze. This battery cam also comes with new exciting features that will enhance the security system of your home. To learn more about the Wyze battery cam pro, you should go through this article for a full understanding.

How to Set Up the Wyze Battery Cam Pro

The Wyze battery cam pro is a security camera that you can be able to install either inside or outside of your home without the need for a hub. This battery cam provides more abilities than the other versions of the Wyze camera. With this device, you can remove your battery and charge it whenever it gets low. Also, it provides an excellent motion sensor which helps to prevent unnecessary motion triggers. You will be getting a Radar plus PIR motion sensors on the Wyze battery cam pro.

In addition, even though the battery cam pro device offers a rechargeable battery, you can still use your battery for up to 6 months before it requires a charge, isn’t that awesome? Thus, we can say that the battery cam pro has a good battery capacity.

Does the Wyze Battery Cam Work Without being Plugged in?

Interestingly enough, the new battery cam pro can now work without a battery or being plugged into a solar panel. This is done through the power saving mode which can last you for a day only. That should be some exciting news too about this battery camera pro. This may be helpful to you at any time of emergency.

Can You use Wyze Cam without the App?

Before you can use or set up the Wyze cam you must use the Wyze app. The app is simple to use and it is a user-friendly app. The Wyze app is also available at the App Store and Google Play Store. Once you have downloaded the app on your device, then you can proceed to use your Wyze cam. In conclusion, you can’t use the Wyze Cam without the Wyze app.

Here are Some of it’s Exciting Features

There are a lot of exciting features that were added to this new Wyze battery cam pro. Therefore, if you want to get to know them, then this part of the write-up is for you. Thus, the following are some of the main features that you will be getting from the Wyze battery cam pro.

  1. 2K HDR Video Quality.
  2. Radar and PIR Motion Detection
  3. Removable and Rechargeable Batteries.
  4. Weather Resistance.
  5. It Works with the Wyze Solar Panel.
  6. Night Vision.
  7. 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz WiFi
  8. Two-Way Audio.

These are some of the main features that you should expect from the Wyze battery cam pro. If you want to buy a new one now, check the write-up below on how to purchase this device now!

How to Purchase the Wyze Battery Cam Pro

Are you interested in getting the new Wyze battery cam? Well if you do, then you are at the right place. Purchasing the Wyze cam is very easy to do and would take much of your time to finish it up. However, here are the steps below on how to purchase the Wyze battery cam.

  • Visit the official Wyze website at
  • Click on the “Camera” button at the top menu bar.
  • Then, click on “Wyze Battery Cam Pro”.
  • Select if you want to buy with an extra battery or solar panel.
  • Next, click on the “Add to Cart” button.
  • Click on the “Check out” button.
  • Fill in your contact information and shipping address details.
  • Then, click on the “Continue to Shopping” button at the bottom of the page.

How to Set Up Your Wyze Battery Cam Pro

The Wyze battery cam setup is nothing difficult to do, however, if you need a step-by-step guide on how to do it, then this is for you. Therefore, the following steps below will guide you on how to properly set up your Wyze battery cam pro.

  • Download the Wyze app from your App Store or Google Play Store.
  • Tap on the “New Device” button.
  • Select “Cameras”.
  • Then, tap swipe down and tap on “Wyze Battery Cam Pro”.
  • Now, insert the battery into your Wyze cam device.
  • Then, go to your app and tap on the “Begin Setup” button.
  • On the bottom of the Wyze device, press and hold the stress button
  • Once you hear a voice saying “Ready to connect”.
  • Tap on the Next button.
  • Select your Wi-Fi connection and put in the password.
  • Tap on the “Mounting Tips” button to guide you to mount the Wyze device.
  • Or if you have mounted your device already, tap on the “Skip” button.
  • Next, enter a name for your device.
  • Then, tap on the “Finish” button.

Once you have followed all of the steps above, your Wyze battery cam should now be successfully set up. Also, you can now view live videos, receive motion alerts, and manage the Wyze cam from your phone through the Wyze app.

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