How to Set Up the Arlo Pro 4

Arlo Pro 4, is still a hit as of 2023. This spotlight cam was released in October 2020. It is an outdoor cam that is used for many uses in our homes. This camera brings about high quality in every aspect, you can find all you need in a security camera in the Arlo Pro 4. Go through this article to learn more about this amazing spotlight camera.

How to Set Up the Arlo Pro 4

Can I Use Arlo Pro 4 Without a Subscription?

Yes, the Arlo Pro 4 can be used without a subscription. This format only allows a few uses such as local record storage. It stores all the information for as long as the storage can hold. However, the Pro 4 offers a free trial subscription that allows you to access its wonderful features such as motion detection features that use AI for detection and classifications of different objects that pass by the security cameras. After the estimated period of trial, you would have to purchase a subscription for full smart home accessible features.

Is the Arlo Pro 4 Waterproof?

As for people who deliberately want to test if the Pro 4 is truly waterproof, I suggest you don’t. Because it is weather resistant does not mean you could immerse it in water for no particular reason. So No, the Arlo Pro 4 is not waterproof, it can only withstand weather conditions like rain.

Does it Require an Internet Connection?

The question of whether the Arlo Pro 4 requires an internet connection depends on the management. For users who make use of local storage, they do not require an internet connection. However, users who subscribe to the Arlo app and control the camera’s activity will require a steady internet connection of about 2Mbps uploads per camera.

How Long Does the Battery Last?

Battery usage of security cameras depends on their usage. Cameras with a high rate of motion activity, alerts and recordings will drain faster. As for the Pro 4, it has an average battery capacity of about one to three months on a single charge. The Pro 4’s battery is rechargeable or even replaceable after use for a long period.

Uses of the Arlo Pro 4

The Arlo Pro 4 is a security camera that benefits individual homes in many ways that cannot be recognized by merely looking. The extraordinary uses of the Pro 4 are displayed below;

  1. It uses dual (two) motion sensors for detecting any moving object or person.
  2. Aside from noise and echo reduction, it also adds wind cancellation for clearer audio.
  3. It captures pictures and videos with about 2k camera resolution.
  4. Night vision is present in the Pro 4 for visual display when it’s dark.
  5. It has a fully-fledged weather resistance feature that withstands high temperatures and rainy conditions.
  6. It allows direct connection to WiFi without a smart home hub requirement.
  7. It zooms to about 12x frame.

The above are some of the main uses of the Arlo Pro 4.

How to Purchase the Arlo Pro 4

The Pro 4 is indeed a good choice if you are looking to buy a wireless camera. Therefore, if you are looking for a write-up that will provide you with a step-by-step guide on purchasing this wireless camera, then it is for you. Thus, follow the steps below to purchase the Pro 4 spotlight camera.

  • Visit the official website for Arlo at
  • Click on “Products” at the top menu.
  • Then, select Pro 4.
  • Choose the colour you want and the number of “Camera Kits” you would like to get.
  • Next, click on the Add to Cart button.
  • Click on the “View Cart” button.
  • Now, click on the Checkout button.
  • Then, follow the on-screen instructions to make your payment.

NOTE: Online shopping for any products from is only available for users in the USA as of now. Thus if you are from another country and you also want to purchase this product, you can check out other retailers like Amazon, BestBuy, and so many more.

How to Set Up the Arlo Pro 4

The set-up of the Arlo Pro 4 is an easy task to do. If you need help setting up your Pro 4 camera, then this article is for you. Thus, check out the following steps below to set up the Pro 4.

  • Download the Arlo Secure app from your App Store or Google Play Store.
  • Launch the app.
  • Log in to your Arlo account or create a new one if you don’t have one yet.
  • After you log in, tap on the “plus sign” button to add a new device.
  • Tap on “Cameras”.
  • Next, select “Pro”
  • Tap on “Pro 4”.
  • Next, connect the “Pro 4” device to a 2.4 GHz WiFi.
  • Afterwards, insert the provided battery into the Pro 4 device.
  • Follow the prompts to generate a QR code from the Arlo Home app.
  • Use the camera of the Arlo Pro 4 to scan the QR code.

Once you hear a chime sound, you should know that the Arlo Pro 4 device has successfully been set up to your Arlo Home app. Now, you can start to monitor the Pro 4 camera from your phone.

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