How to Set Up the Amazon Echo Pop

The Amazon Echo Pop is the latest design of speaker released by Amazon on the 31st of May 2023 has come along to be greater than the previous Amazon speaker. This particular speaker not only has good qualities, but it also has an appealing colour design that drags the eyes of buyers willing to purchase. This speaker is good for home use as it complements home users, like Alexa. These are not all the features the Amazon Echo Pop offers. To know more about this product, read more on this article.

How to Set Up the Amazon Echo Pop

How to Purchase the Amazon Echo Pop

Do you want to purchase the Echo Pop? If you then you can read through the step-by-step guide on how to purchase the Amazon Echo Pop below.

  • Go to the official Amazon website.
  • Search for Amazon Echo Pop.
  • Select your preferred type.
  • Sign up/log in to your Amazon account.
  • Click on “Buy Now”.
  • Fill in your information if you have not before.
  • Next, follow the prompts to make your payment.

With the following steps above, you should now be able to purchase the Amazon Echo Pop successfully. Being an Amazon product, this should be the best place of purchase or you can get it from other popular retailers.

How to Set Up the Amazon Echo Pop

To Set Up the Amazon Pop without any problem whatsoever, you should go through the step-by-step procedure below;

  • Turn on your Echo Pop Speaker.
  • Install and open the Alexa app on your mobile device.
  • Click on more.
  • Then, select Add a Device.
  • Click on Amazon Echo.
  • Select Echo Pop.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions on your mobile device to complete the setup.

After following the steps above, you should now be able to enjoy the Amazon Echo Pop in your household.

What is the Echo Pop Used For?

Just like any other speaker, it is used to amplify the sound of your music or audio. However, this speaker also offers Alexa. That is, you can command it to switch on and off your disco light, change the music with both getting to lift a finger and so many other things. The Echo Pop can control smart appliances in your home like the lights, the air conditioner, television and many more smart home devices. Interaction with the Echo Pop is also possible, such as asking about weather, news, history and internet stuff.

Is it Wireless?

Amazon made it possible to include a wireless connection to the Echo Pop. Unlike the Amazon Echo and Echo Plus which do not have Bluetooth to allow wireless connection with the speaker and other devices. This Bluetooth installation has helped individuals eliminate the constant use of cable for connection. The Bluetooth also connects to various smart devices without crashing

Can I Use Echo Pop as a TV Speaker?

Since the Amazon Echo Pop has a good Bluetooth connection, it has a means of connecting to smart devices around the house. Regular TVs that do not have Bluetooth installed cannot be able to connect to the Echo Pop. While smart TVs that have Bluetooth can connect to the Echo Pop. To connect, to your TV, you go to your Bluetooth setting, refresh it to search for the Amazon Echo Pop (Make sure the Amazon Echo Pop is turned on and in close range) and click on the Echo Pop showing on the TV to connect successfully

Is it Compatible with an iPhone?

The Echo Pop is compatible with iPhones because iPhones have Bluetooth connections and for the Echo Pop to establish a connection, the other device has to have a working Bluetooth device. For those who are curious, the app store allows the installation of Amazon Alexa

Can Echo Pop Make Phone Calls?

Directly, the Echo Pop cannot make phone calls. This feature requires a mobile network service provider that works with the Echo Pop and a place in the Echo Pop Speaker that allows installation of mobile network SIM or use of E-SIM. However, when connected to a mobile phone via Bluetooth, you can answer phone calls using either your phone or Alexa. The three microphones in the speaker allow you to communicate with a person receiving the phone call.

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