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Are you a Doordash customer and would like to contact their customer service to either lodge a complaint or for other enquiries? Well. find out through its article how to chat or call Doordash customer service.

How to Contact Doordash Customer Service

Maybe you are having problems with your delivery or your payments, The Doordash customer service is there to help you resolve that through customer services. Also, Doordash helps offer a 24/7 chat & call to their customers.

Types of Doordash Customer Service

Doordash offers three different types of customer Support for each category of their member and customer. Check out the types of Doordash support in the following below:

1. Customer Support

This type of support team is for Doordash customers who may need help with their shipping locations or current/past orders. To contact customer support, visit their website at

2. Dasher Support

The Dashers support team is for Dashers who carry deliveries to customers. However, this support line is basically for dashers having any problem with things like unassigning from an order, how to add your bank details to your Dasher account, and many more. To visit the Dasher support, go to

3. Merchant Support 

This is the last support line which is to help merchants on Doordash. So, if you have any problems trying to sign in to your Doordash account, this is where you will be assisted. To contact Merchant support, visit their page at

Check out the write-up below on how you can contact the Doordash customer service number.

How to Contact Doordash Customer Service Number

Would you like to make a call to lodge a complaint or enquire about how to resolve a problem on Doordash either as a Customer, Dasher, or Merchant? Well, it is quite simple to do that. Therefore, follow the steps below on how to access the Doordash contact number.

  • Visit
  • Next, scroll down to the bottom and tap on “Call Us” or copy the number to place your call.

By following the steps above, you can now make your complaints to DoorDash customer service.

How to Contact the Doordash Chat Support 

Maybe you are having a minor issue on Doordash and it can be easily fixed with just a little assistance, then it is best you chat with their support line. Thus, we will be guiding you on how to chat up the Doordash chat support.

  • Visit
  • Next, scroll down to the bottom and tap on the Chat Us button
  • Fill in your First & Last Name 
  • Type in your Email & your Phone number 
  • Select the category and then the sub-category of your field
  • Then, tap on the Start Chatting button – Now you can chat with Doordash.

By following the steps above, you will be able to chat with a live agent from Doordash. Then, you can proceed to tell them about your issues and how they can resolve them for you.

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